September 26, 2008

Memorial Offers New Gallbladder Surgery Technique
Chattanooga, TN – Memorial North Park Hospital now offers a new laparoscopic technique for gallbladder removal using a single incision with no visible scars.
“Until now, minimally invasive gallbladder surgery included three to four incisions at different points in the abdomen to allow access for a light source, the microscopic video camera, and surgical instruments,” says Roger Land, M.D., the first general surgeon in Chattanooga with training and experience in single port access for cholecystectomy (gallbladder removal).  “With only one entry point in the bellybutton this new approach results in a single, hidden scar when performed by surgeons who are highly skilled in laparoscopic techniques.”
The gallbladder is a small sac near the liver that stores bile, a fluid that helps the body digest fats.   There is an established link between fat intake and gallbladder disease.  Studies suggest excessive weight can be a risk factor, particularly in middle-aged women with a history of several pregnancies.
More than 20 million Americans have gallbladder disease and more than 500,000 have gallbladder surgery to relieve complications each year.   According to Dr. Land, symptoms often include pain on the right side especially after meals, sometimes radiating to the back and often associated with nausea and vomiting.  Gallstones may or may not be a factor.
“Memorial North Park has established a solid reputation in this community for same day surgery,” says Teal Haven, RN, BS, MSHSA, vice president of operations and administrator.  “We are proud to have physicians leading the way with new procedures that result in satisfied patients and positive outcomes.”
To learn more about gallbladder disease contact your surgeon.